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Health insurance

Health insurance

Health insurance is compulsory for all University students under 28 years (France) or 30 years (Germany). No residence permit can be issued without it. You may bring a private health insurance from your home country making sure that the coverage is sufficient for Germany/France.
Older students must bring sufficient health insurance coverage from their home county or take out a private health insurance in France or Germany.
If you already live in Germany/France had have a corresponding health insurance, ask your company to issue you a European Health Insurance Card (EHIC). You will need your admission letter for this. You will not have to pay the compulsory health insurance for students.

If you have home university Freiburg, and have no insurance, you must take out a health insurance on enrolment day. You will be issued a certificate from the German health insurance compnany. You will not have to pay the French health insurance upon enrolment in Strasbourg.

If you have home university Strasbourg, you will have to pay the health insurance fee upon enrolment in Strasbourg. You will be issued a certificate from the French student’s health insurance companies (LMDE or MGEL). You will not have to pay for another health insurance in Freiburg upon enrolment.

Important note: student’s health insurance coverage starts from the time of university enrolment only – we strongly recommend students to take out extra insurance coverage at home for the journey to Germany/France and for the period between arrival and enrolment / the start of the semester.