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Mobility Aid DFH / UFA

Mobility aid

The Franco-German University (UFA / DFH) will grant a mobility aid to every IM-PolyS master student in order to support her/his mobility to the partner university. The UFA/DFH gives only a mobility aid when you are in the foreign phase of your studies and the amount varies according to your place of residence during the foreign phase (see overview below).
The place of your home university defines the inland or foreign phase.
The mobility aid is granted for maximum 5 months per semester.
You will have to prove where you live to be elligible (contract, certificate, etc.)

You must register yourself online until September 30th in the UFA/DFH database. The webpages are in German and French. Here is a step-by-step guide in English to help you.

Here is an overview:

Semester Study in university Residence in 300 Euro per month 150 Euro per month

Home university Freiburg

1 Strasbourg (Foreign phase) Strasbourg or France yes no
Freiburg or Germany no yes
2 Freiburg (Inland phase) Irrelevant no no
3 and 4 Strasbourg (Foreign phase) France or French-speaking country yes no
non-French-speaking country no yes
Freiburg (Inland phase) Irrelevant no no

Home university Strasbourg

1 Strasbourg (Inland phase) Irrelevant no no
2 Freiburg (Foreign phase) Freiburg or Germany yes no
Strasbourg or France no yes
3 and 4 Freiburg (Foreign phase) Freiburg or German-speaking country yes no
non-German-speaking country no yes
Strasbourg (Inland phase) Irrelevant no no

Stand: 2018. May be subject to modifications