University enrollment

University enrollment:

Students in your master must enroll simultaneously at both universities Freiburg and Strasbourg. After arrival, you will enroll first at your home university where you must pay the enrolment fees and second at the partner university.

The following steps can be done after your arrival in September. Your coordinators will be happy to guide you through these procedure.

For first enrollment in Strasbourg, you must register yourself online on the platform CVEC:
1) connect yourself and create your account HERE under "Inscription" at the top of the page. At the bottom of the form you must tick "je n’ai pas d’INE" if you’ve never studied in Strasbourg before. You will then receive a confirmation number to carry on with the procedure.
2) Indicate the city where you study (Strasbourg)
3) Pay the enrollment fee
The certificate issued at the end of the procedure must be handed in to your Strasbourg coordinator, Ms. Ehles, in the "scolarité" of the faculty of physics and engineering.
When finalized, your enrollment in Strasbourg is valid for the whole academic year (2 semesters).
4) Procede with the enrollment in Freiburg

For first enrollment in Freiburg,
1) you can start filling in the enrollment form issued by the online Hisinone system. If you have difficulties with this form, leave it out. You will receive all the help you need with this form on enrollment day in Freiburg.
2) On this day, you must bring with you all the documents mentioned on your Freiburg admission letters in original (no certified copies will be accepted).
3) You will take out your German health insurance for students which is mandatory for enrollment. The required certificate will be issued to you immediately. Your coordinator will guide you through this. More information on health insurance for students here.
4) Pay the enrollment fee

Here is a check-list to help you


At Freiburg university, you will have to renew your enrolment each semester and extend your ID-card validity.

After enrolment, you will receive you student ID cards from both universities. Freiburg’s ID-card is valid for one semester and Strasbourg’s ID-Card for the whole academic year.