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Installation of industrial equipment at international level

Professional Degree - Industrial Production, Specialising in the installation of industrial equipment at international level (Lpro IEII)

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The Professional Degree in Industrial Production, specialising in the installation of industrial equipment at international level (Lpro IEII) is designed to train, within the University of Strasbourg, technicians specialising in the operation of mechatronic systems. In particular, they will be trained to install industrial equipment on site autonomously, operationally and methodically for foreign clients and to become representatives of industrial expertise in strong growth markets.

The course is completely alternating, with 15 days at work and 15 days at the university.

Students on this professional degree course have apprenticeship or professional training contracts, are taking leave for periods of professional training (CIF) or for periods of training modules.

Access and admission to the Lpro IEII

Entry level : Two years post-baccalaureate education.

Duration of the course : one year.

Admission : Admission to the Professional Degree in Industrial Production, specialising in the installation of industrial equipment at international level (Lpro IEII) is based on a written application and an interview. A partner company must be found at the latest two months after the start of the course.

Further information can be obtained from the organisations managing vocational training and further education :

  • for apprenticeship contracts : Centre de formation d’apprentis universitaires, le CFAU
  • for further education or the right to take leave for training : service de formation continue SFC

Admission requests should be made via the Aria site. Please note that pre-registration is open from around 15 March each year.

Precise skills in a global context

In the context of today’s fierce competition, the Professional Degree in Industrial Production, specialising in the installation of industrial equipment (Lpro IEII) trains students to :

  • identify the risks and define the prevention measures to be put in place for the safe installation of the machine in its environment
  • manage a budget during the installation of the equipment on site
  • assemble and install industrial equipment parts or operating systems in accordance with machine specifications and documentation and ensure the initial start-up of the new installations
  • train users and clients to use the equipment
  • communicate in English : comprehension and expression to the level of B2 of the CECR (score 750 of TOEIC) minimum
  • understand the principles of international business and law, logistics, customs clearance, contracts etc.
  • adjust or adapt the equipment in line with production needs or changes in regulations

Recruitment sectors and career opportunities

Jobs : international field technician, installation technician, works manager, project manager, installer of industrial equipment, external assembler, international assembler, international field assistant technician.

Recruitment sectors : all sectors requiring the presence of technicians on site for international clients.

Subjects and skills adapted to today’s markets

Throughout the course priority is given to gaining professional competence through : site visits, conferences, a project for the company in the form of an overseas mission of three to four weeks at the end of February or early March, and an internship of 12 to 16 weeks from May.

The training content of the Professional Degree in Industrial Production, specialising in the installation of industrial equipment at international level (Lpro IEII) is centred on the following fields :

  • Mechanical engineering
  • Electricity, Electronics, Automatism and Industrial Computer Applications
  • Management, labour law, quality, safety and the environment
  • Communication and personal development
  • International commercial practice and law, new international economic and commercial policies, inter-cultural relations and customer behaviour
  • English : a substantial teaching programme in order to acquire a B2 level (see European references) : 50 hours of face-to-face teaching and four hours a week of autonomous work in the Language Resource Centre
  • A second optional language would be a real advantage, depending on the export markets targeted by the partner company

International management teaching takes place entirely in English. Nearly half of the modules are taught by professionals.

A professional degree designed to meet your ambitions

- Professional alternating vocational training
- Paid training

The Professional Degree in Industrial Production, specialising in the installation of industrial equipment at international level (Lpro IEII) is already sponsored by several partner companies : Axima Réfrigération, Flender, Heuft France, Holweg, Lohr Service, Mecatherm, R&D Project, Quiri, Sidel, Manpower.


The Lpro IEII course includes an internship which lasts 12 to 16 weeks and begins after the project and at the latest at the end of April. Students are prepared for the internship as if they were being recruited. Afterwards, the internship is evaluated, allowing the students to assess the skills they have acquired.

The internship department has a list of companies to which Faculty students may apply for an internship, a project and/or an alternating work-study partnership contract.

Registration opens february.


Contacts / Information

- Facebook page of the Lpro IEII
- Speciality tuition : Rachida AZAGOUAGHE / +33 (0)3 68 85 49 53
- Head of studies : Joël FRITSCH
- Internship administration : Isabelle HUBER / +33 (0)3 68 85 49 70

cette page en français

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